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The annual list of species described by researchers working in Switzerland

The SSS presents the list of new species, plants or animals (including fossils), recently described by researchers working in Switzerland.

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2015 = 105 new species

2016 = 206 new species

2017 = 143 new species

2018 = 141 new species

2019 = 96 new species

2020 = 196 new species

4 New Species 2021

Afroedura donveae
Image: Werner Conradie

4 geckos from Angola

Publication: Rock island melody: A revision of the Afroedura bogerti Loveridge, 1944 group, with descriptions of four new endemic species from Angola.

Authors: William R. Branch, Andreas Schmitz, Javier Lobón-Rovira, Ninda L. Baptista, Telmo António, Werner Conradie

Muséum d'histoire naturelle, Geneva, Switzerland; Port Elizabeth Museum & Nelson Mandela University, South Africa; Universidade do Porto, Portugal; Instituto Superior de Ciências da Educação da Huíla, Angola; Namibia University of Science and Technology, Namibia.

Androsace albimontana
Image: Denis Jordan

This year, the Alps have once again proven to be a source of undiscovered biodiversity. After many seasons of field work and research in herbaria, a new plant species of the primulaceae family (Primulaceae) has been described: Androsace albimontana. This new species was chosen this year as an emblem by the Swiss Systematics Society (SSS).