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Journée nationale des collections d'histoire naturelle

Journée nationale des collections d'histoire naturelle
Journée nationale des collections d'histoire naturelle

Edition 2020: fantastic stories!

The Botanical Gardens and Natural History Museums of Switzerland house more than 60 million objects. Behind each of them lies a unique - sometimes even fantastic - story, so much so that it might not be believed.

On the occasion of the National Day of Natural History Collections, 26 Swiss institutions are offering you a glimpse behind the scenes. From now on, the curators will be telling you the stories of selected objects. But beware: one of the three stories of each institution is completely made up! Watch these fantastic stories and learn more about the Collections Day program!

Date: November 22, 2020 (some institutions organize the Day on a different date. You will find all the dates on this site)

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The National Natural History Collections Day on Saturday 17 November 2018 was a success with more than 1400 visitors in 23 institutions all over the country. Most of them took part in visits in small groups into the hidden parts of museums and herbaria, whereas other followed conferences or special tours in the institutions’ exhibitions. Many of the visitors did not know before that so many specimens were held in natural history collections in Switzerland. They also had the chance to discover the scientific research associated with Natural History collections.

Based on the feedback from the participating institutions, the Swiss Systematics Society will organize a similar event in 2020.


La carte des collections participantes (dernière mise à jour 12/11/18)

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