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Under the umbrella of the SSS, biologists from different fields are dedicated to the interests of systematics and taxonomy. The SSS serves as a competent contact for the scientists and the society, and maintains an international exchange.more

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Species 200

In 2015, the Swiss Society of Systematic celebrates 200 years of biodiversity research, by presenting, on a poster, 200 animal and plant species described during the last two centuries by researchers based in Switzerland. We hope that this poster, designed for students, researchers, natural science enthusiasts and also the general public, will make known the importance of the description of new species and highlight the dynamism of Switzerland in this field of research.

Poster species 200
Poster species 200

The poster is in German, French or Italian.

Printed size is A0 and it can be picked up in several localities, from members of the SSS board:

Basel: Simon Loader, UniBas- Institute of Biogeography, Klingelbergstrasse 27 (simon.loader[x]

Bern: Seraina Klopfstein, Naturhistorisches Museum Bern, Bernastrasse 15 (klopfstein[x]

Geneva: Alice Cibois, Muséum d’histoire naturelle, Route de Malagnou 1 (alice.cibois[x] or Mathieu Perret, Conservatoire et jardin botaniques, Chemin d l'Impératrice 1 (mathieu.perret[x]

Luzern : Marco Bernasconi, Natur-Museum Luzern, Kasernenplatz 6 (marco.bernasconi[x]

Neuchâtel : Jason Grant, UniNe-Institut de Biologie, Rue Emile-Argand 11 (jason.grant[x]

Zürich : Reto Nyffeler, Uzh-Institut für Systematische Botanik, Zollikerstrasse 107 (reto.nyffeler[x]


This poster was officially sent to the President of the ScNat, along with a letter in which we expressed our concern about the decreasing support of the Academy toward fieldworks, and in particular the situation of the de Giacomi Grant.

The posters in low resolution (OK for a regular printer, A4 or A3 size):

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Recherche live Logo (Diagramm national (f))Image: SCNAT