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Best master’s thesis award 2018

This year's best master’s thesis award was given to Maud Oïhénart for her work entitled "Lichens and bryophytes from the canton of Geneva’s old stonewalls - a floristic and ecological study ", conducted at the University of Geneva and the Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques of the city of Geneva.

Surveys were conducted on 46 stonewalls from the canton of Geneva. The laboratory work that followed data collection allowed for the identification of 30 bryophytes, 114 lichens and 12 vascular plants, for a total of 156 different species. Among those species, four bryophytes and 15 lichens were new to Geneva, and nine lichen species were new for Switzerland. These floristic results were published in the journal Herzogia in 2018, with Maud as the lead author. Her study also highlighted the environmental (inclination, orientation, exposition, humidity, light, etc.) and structural (type of wall, of rock, or mortar, etc.) factors that influence the number or the type of lichens and bryophytes species present on walls. Her work provided an important contribution to the knowledge on these little studied organisms.

The SSS wants to encourage brilliant young scientists in their early career and therefore set up a yearly prize that will reward an excellent contribution in the field of systematics at the level of a Master thesis.

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Deadline for next submission: September 30

Image: M. Bolliger

Lichens on urban walls