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Under the umbrella of the SSS, biologists from different fields are dedicated to the interests of systematics and taxonomy. The SSS serves as a competent contact for the scientists and the society, and maintains an international exchange.more

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New Species Swiss Made 2023

The annual list of species described by researchers working in Switzerland

The SSS presents the list of new species, plants or animals (including fossils), recently described by researchers working in Switzerland.

If you wish to contribute, send your publication and a picture of the organism to

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2015 (105 new species); 2016 (206); 2017 (143); 2018 (141); 2019 (96); 2020 (241); 2021 (160); 2022 (102)

Microstrobilinia castrans
Image: Ludwig Beenken

1 fungus from Europe

Publication: Microstrobilinia castrans, a new genus and species of the Sclerotiniaceae parasitizing pollen cones of Picea spp.

Authors: Ludwig Beenken, Sophie Stroheker, Vivanne Dubach, Markus Schlegel, Valentin Queloz, Andrin Gross

Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, Birmensdorf, Switzerland