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Unter dem Dach der SSS setzen sich Biologinnen und Biologen aus den unterschiedlichsten Feldern für die Interessen der Systematik und der Taxonomie ein. Die SSS ist kompetente Ansprechpartnerin für Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft und pflegt den internationalen Austausch.mehr

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About us / Contacts

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The diversity of life is wonderful ?
Names are the support of knowledge ?
Evolution is fundamental in biology ?
Organisms interrelationships are worth exploring ?
Faunas and floras are useful companions ?

YES ??

You've found the right place! Welcome to the SSS !

Aims of the SSS

The SSS is a scientific society open to both professionals and amateurs genuinely interested in Systematics, without restrictions about their groups of interest, favorite methodologies or field of work.

The SSS basic objective is to make sure that expertise in systematics is guaranteed in the long term in Switzerland. More generally the Society wants to become a compelling party whenever systematics-related questions are discussed in this country.

The Society will:

UNITE and REPRESENT systematists from all areas of biology
PROMOTE and DEFEND systematics in the academic, and political circles
SUPPORT the teaching of systematics at all educational levels
ENCOURAGE research and collections usage

The SSS sees itself as a specialized partner of the existing Societies in Paleontology, Botany and Zoology and related fields in Switzerland. It aims at working with them, as well as with other foreign Societies who have similar interests.


Swiss Systematics Society (SSS)
c/o Dr. Seraina Klopfstein
Naturhistorisches Museum
Augustinergasse 2
4001 Basel