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Unter dem Dach der SSS setzen sich Biologinnen und Biologen aus den unterschiedlichsten Feldern für die Interessen der Systematik und der Taxonomie ein. Die SSS ist kompetente Ansprechpartnerin für Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft und pflegt den internationalen Austausch.mehr

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Grants & PhD offers in systematics

Student Travel Grant

Five students in Switzerland received support from the SSS for a trip last year, either to a conference or to study a natural history collection abroad! This year, we will again contribute to trips within systematics projects – both at the master and PhD level.


  • being a MS or PhD candidate in a Swiss research institution;

  • having a research project that includes systematics;

  • submitting a talk or a poster to an international meeting; or…

  • intending to visit a Swiss or international natural history collection

  • being a member of the SSS (10 CHF for student)

    Please note that the grant might not cover all your expenses. We plan to support several students, and some years we’ll favour the attendance to a particular meeting. Projects of applicants who do not have financial support from their own institution will be favoured.

    To apply, please send to before 30.04.2024:

  1. A description of the project, including an abstract of the presentation or poster, the budget requested and your motivation to attend the meeting or study the collection (maximum 2 pages, in English)

  2. A short curriculum vitae

  3. A letter of support of your supervisor, with indications about the availability of other (including internal) funding for the trip

  4. If you want to visit a collection, a letter of confirmation of hosting from the collection-holding institution you would like to visit