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Unter dem Dach der SSS setzen sich Biologinnen und Biologen aus den unterschiedlichsten Feldern für die Interessen der Systematik und der Taxonomie ein. Die SSS ist kompetente Ansprechpartnerin für Wissenschaft und Gesellschaft und pflegt den internationalen Austausch.mehr

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The SSSDay took place on the 3-4th of Novembre 2022, hosted by the Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques de Genève

salle de cours, Bot II (building number 3 on the map)

Thursday 03.11: Workshop on multivariate evolutionary models

Julien Cavel (Uni- Lyon I) demonstrated the R packages RPANDA (Phylogenetic ANalyses of DiversificAtion) and mvMORPH (morphometric data).

R packages to install: RPANDA, mvMORPH, Morpho, diagram.

Ideally, the version gitHub for mvMORPH is preferable. It can be installed from the package « devtools”, with a compiler already installed (e.g., gfortran ; Rtools for Windows ( or tools and gfortran for MacOS (


>install_github("JClavel/mvMORPH",build_vignettes = TRUE)

Thursday 03.11.2022 - Workshop

The files and examples given during the workshop are available here.

Friday 04.11.2022 - SSSDay

10:00 Registration. Coffee & Croissants
10:30 Welcome – Nicola Schoenenberger (CJBG) & Alice Cibois (SSS)
10:45 Invited lecture - Julien Clavel (Uni-Lyon I): PhylogeneticComparative Methods for studying high-dimensional multivariate comparative data
11:30 Manuel Ruedi (MHNG): Shortcomings of DNA barcodes
11:50 AinaMichaela Randriarisoa (CJBG):Generic circumscription within subtribe Manilkarinae, cases of species delimitation within genus Labramia (Sapotaceae)
12:10 Livio Bätscher (UniBasel): Minimizing biogeographic misclassifications reduces DEC-model bias
12:30 General Assembly, including vote for the New Species of the Year
13:00 Lunch at the Pyramus
14:30 Master prize presentation –Serafin Streiff (IRD Montpellier): Revisiting the taxonomy of Connaraceae with herbarium phylogenomics to gain insights into their floral evolution and biogeography
14:50 Vinciane Mossion (Uppsala Univ): The common moonwort fern comprises a cryptic species complex
15:10 Short talk - Sébastien Miche (CJBG): Phylogenomics of the Geneva Flora and its integration in the canton's
green infrastructure
15:20 Short talk - Tina Kiedaisch (CJBG): Species delimitationin Malagasy Donella (Sapotaceae) using hundreds of genes sequences from old herbarium material
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Visit of the collections
17:00 End of the meeting

Registration is closed. See you next year!

Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de Genève

Conference venue:

Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de Genève