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The SSSDay took place on the 3-4th of Novembre 2022, hosted by the Conservatoire et Jardin Botaniques de Genève

salle de cours, Bot II (building number 3 on the map)

Thursday 03.11: Workshop on multivariate evolutionary models

Julien Cavel (Uni- Lyon I) demonstrated the R packages RPANDA (Phylogenetic ANalyses of DiversificAtion) and mvMORPH (morphometric data).

R packages to install: RPANDA, mvMORPH, Morpho, diagram.

Ideally, the version gitHub for mvMORPH is preferable. It can be installed from the package « devtools”, with a compiler already installed (e.g., gfortran ; Rtools for Windows ( or tools and gfortran for MacOS (


>install_github("JClavel/mvMORPH",build_vignettes = TRUE)

Thursday 03.11.2022 - Workshop

The files and examples given during the workshop are available here.

Friday 04.11.2022 - SSSDay

10:00 Registration. Coffee & Croissants
10:30 Welcome – Nicola Schoenenberger (CJBG) & Alice Cibois (SSS)
10:45 Invited lecture - Julien Clavel (Uni-Lyon I): PhylogeneticComparative Methods for studying high-dimensional multivariate comparative data
11:30 Manuel Ruedi (MHNG): Shortcomings of DNA barcodes
11:50 AinaMichaela Randriarisoa (CJBG):Generic circumscription within subtribe Manilkarinae, cases of species delimitation within genus Labramia (Sapotaceae)
12:10 Livio Bätscher (UniBasel): Minimizing biogeographic misclassifications reduces DEC-model bias
12:30 General Assembly, including vote for the New Species of the Year
13:00 Lunch at the Pyramus
14:30 Master prize presentation –Serafin Streiff (IRD Montpellier): Revisiting the taxonomy of Connaraceae with herbarium phylogenomics to gain insights into their floral evolution and biogeography
14:50 Vinciane Mossion (Uppsala Univ): The common moonwort fern comprises a cryptic species complex
15:10 Short talk - Sébastien Miche (CJBG): Phylogenomics of the Geneva Flora and its integration in the canton's
green infrastructure
15:20 Short talk - Tina Kiedaisch (CJBG): Species delimitationin Malagasy Donella (Sapotaceae) using hundreds of genes sequences from old herbarium material
15:30 Coffee break
16:00 Visit of the collections
17:00 End of the meeting

Registration is closed. See you next year!

Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de Genève

Conference venue:

Conservatoire et Jardin botaniques de Genève