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Sotto l’egida della SSS biologi provenienti da diversissimi campi si impegnano per gli interessi della sistematica e della tassonomia. La SSS è un’interlocutrice competente per la scienza e la società e coltiva uno scambio internazionale.di più

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A Pan-European Species directories Infrastructure (PESI)

PESI provides standardised and authoritative taxonomic information by integrating and securing Europe’s taxonomically authoritative species name registers and nomenclators (name databases) and associated exper(tise) networks that underpin the management of biodiversity in Europe.

In collaboration with the CSCF in Neuchâtel, the SSS is the offical Swiss partner of the European project PESI.

An European Community funded 3 years project involving 40 partners from over 25 European countries, PESI has been launched in May 2008, and its total budget is over 4 millions euros. The general goal of the project is to coordinate and integrate the efforts of various communities respectively dealing with the names of animals, marine life, plants and fungi. PESI helps establishing standardised and authoritative taxonomic information, as well as facilitate the access to these data. Among the strengths of PESI, we should mention its expansion in Eastern Europe that will help integrating data that are presently still difficult to access.