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Collection entomologique (coléoptères)
Immagine: P. Wagneur, MHNG


The SSS supports the development of a Swiss Natural History Collections Network.

The Swiss Natural History Collections Network (SwissCollNet) develops a common vision for natural history collections in Switzerland.

The main goals of the initiative are to

  • promote the management and curation of natural history collections in Switzerland;
  • unify physical and virtual access to biodiversity and geodiversity information;
  • provide new, linked and open access to data associated with collections;
  • create a platform to encourage and supprot the scientific use of natural history collections.

Eventi, Notizie

Colilodion schulzi
A rabbit-eared beetle, species of the year 2017 of the SSS

There are now 1.5 million known species of animal and plant in the world, but specialists estimate that the true number is actually between 10 and 100 times as many.

Immagine: Zi-Wei Yin

The Society annual meeting

One day (odd years) or two days (even years), usually in November.

This meeting includes seminars, talks, the SSS general assembly, workshop on methods or softwares...

Open to all, members or not!